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Mya Wedding is a wedding planning agency in Florence.

«We strongly believe that your wedding should be a magical moment, unforgettable for the bride and groom, the real protagonists of the event, but also for the guests„

This is why we leave nothing to chance. The Mya Wedding staff will act as the ‘body guards’ for your event so that everything goes exactly as you have dreamed. Weddings are delicate and complex events that require a long planning and preparation phase: definition of the vision and style of the event, management of the budget, research into the venue, suppliers and handling the unforeseen… Miscalculating any one of these phases could compromise the success of the event and its subsequent memories.

    Michelle Wedding Manager

Raised with a German mother and an Italian father, Michelle’s personality reflects her two different origins perfectly: on one hand precise and organized while being creative an perceptive on the other.

The combination of these qualities along with her passion for weddings makes Michelle a reliable professional, able to give life and form to a simple idea.

     Sarah Wedding Assistant

Conscientious and willing, punctual and reliable, Sarah is the perfect collaborator who never disappoints.

Her self-discipline and her ability to manage every situation with elegance and determination make Sarah an invaluable Wedding Assistant.

   Elena Area Manager Greece

Elena has an eye for detail like no other; she is passionate about delivering the best experiences, enriched with the highest quality and loads of magic.

The Greek team and herself will make sure that your special day is full of creativity, perfection to delivery and pure delight.